I was given this gift from a friend so that we can play the game together. Animal Crossing: New Leaf is a Ds game where you are Mayor of your town. As the mayor, you expand your town, help the citizens in your town, and provide for the town. The mayor, you, is the only human inhabiting the town. Your citizens are animals. My first impression of the game—it’s weird, I’m living with animals. I’m a bad mayor. I usually play games along the lines of Final Fantasy. Some thing happens, everyone goes on a trip, they fight and save the world type of games.Took me a while to get use to Animal Crossing but once  I got used to the game though I couldn’t put the game down. SERIOUSLY, I spent my winter break working and playing Animal Crossing.

The citizens are hilarious too! I have a crazy gym guy (actually a bird)—who always talks about working out. A rooster who whines all the time about everything in my town. (^__^) A frog who calls me “Ladybro”. Very interesting animals with interesting, real life attitudes.



Feb. 14th: St. Valentines

Looking forward to those valentine candies when they go on sale the day after Valentines! My Motto: Get fat or Die Trying!! Just Kidding. Valentine’s day is seen as a couples day. I wish people would see it as a love kind of day. One where you don’t need to have a relationship to celebrate it! It’s probably better to spend it with yourself than with someone just because of the idea of Valentine’s day. Instead of trying to find someone to celebrate this day with, why not plan something with people you care about? Or even a “love yourself” day? Love should be celebrated everyday….why do you have to wait for a certain day of the year to celebrate love? But it shouldn’t be a couples’ thing only. The history behind Valentines is quite actually not that sweet or romantic anyways.

The shortest version I would go with is the one where a priest named  Valentine was killed for disobeying his King. His king banned marriage, but he was still performing marriage rites. So off with his head. There are two other stories, but I’m bias (actually just lazy) so I’m just going to sum this one.

Pretty interesting how some of the most horrific actions are turned around. While it is interesting, it shouldn’t be that surprising. Another example, Grimm’s fairy tales are kinda dark too.  The most well known versions have happy endings but the originals are pretty dark, just saying. No spoiler—don’t worry! Go read them. Read a book!

I plan to celebrate Valentines with myself, make a martyr out of myself to reenact one of the actual story behind St. Valentines. Off with my Head! I plan to celebrate Valentine’s day as  a “singles” day. I’m going to promote my awesome single life. Happy early Valentine’s day! Maybe I’ll write another fail poem too. ^___^


This weekend, I saw Resident Evil: Final chapter!! It was a lot better than I thought. There are movies with awesome AF movie trailers that gets your heart pumping as you watch the trailer. Then there are trailers that show people’s eyes and face expression. And then there are trailers that are okay. I was hooked from the first book, so good trailer or facial expression trailer, I was still planning to see it. The trailer wasn’t disappointing (^__-) All scenes in the trailer was in the movie! SPOILER* I get a little disappointed some times when I see great scenes in trailers and they don’t appear in the actual movie.

I think that if you’re a fan of the Resident Evil series, then the movie may be predictable to you. Assuming that you didn’t read the book series—in case it ends like the book series. I started out reading the series, but never finished the series. Anyways, at the beginning, if you’re like me, you would already have predicted what the outcome of the movie would be and who is who. My prediction was on point. Message me if you want me to spoil it or you want to talk about it! I would totally love to spoil it—as I’m pretty awesome at spoiling movies and such. Just don’t ask me if you haven’t seen it…because if I’m really into the movie, it has zombies and I already saw it I will be very excited to talk about it. I will spoil it for you without asking you first if you saw the movie or not. If you haven’t seen the movie, then just don’t ask me about anything to do with the movie or I’m not responsible for what I spoil. XD

The Guest Star: Lee Joon Ki—if you don’t know him, ask google. No Korean guy pics here except for my two man (Hyun Bin & Park Bo Bum). I was so surprised to see Lee Joon Ki in the movie. I don’t recall seeing him in the trailer. It took me a couple scenes, to realize that it was him. Guess I’m not a true fan, I just went on youtube to watch the 7 min trailer of Resident Evil: Final Chapter and he is there.  His English was pretty good, better than what I expected.  I wish he had a bigger role. He was an Umbrella Corp Commander Lee. He fought with Milla using the typical Asian kicking fighting style.  I wish he used more fists, not just the typical kicks. I know he can fight, seen it many times in his dramas. I always make fun of him, but I won’t say it here. Ask me in person someday.

The Storyline: The movie summed up pretty well the series, if you weren’t a fan and only when because you were dragged into it…But who drags anyone to Zombie fighting movies??? NO ONE!! Just kidding, I’m pretty sure there are anti-zombie fans out there. The beginning summarized everything pretty well. The movie was pretty fast pace, action packed one after another. I really like how they bring bits and pieces from each Resident Evil movie into this one. As I said at the beginning of this post, if you’re a fan, you already made predictions and the best feeling out there is when you’re right on! I was, so to me, it was predictable- storyline. How the movie carried itself onto my prediction was pretty good. Look for the signs and I’m sure you will come to the same prediction.

One thing I didn’t like and I feel that a lot of movies tend to end this way too, is how the villains are defeated. You have this one very strong villain that always manages to survive no matter how many bombs you throw at him, how many times you toss him in the zombie pit, how many times he was supposed to have died, he always rises. And then you have the main character who always gets her butt killed by mutant animal zombies and giant mutant zombies. Maybe she even gets her fingers or head chopped off in previous movies or so—always almost gonna die but manages to defeat the villain once and for all. Anyways, I personally think how the villains ended was too easy for the fight they put up from movies 1-10 (just kidding…not 10). Not just for this movie, but also many movies out there. Why can’t they be like roleplay games where you don’t cheat so you use up all your potions, elixirs and items before you finally finish off the last of the villain’s hp tank?

One of the things I really, really appreciated in this movie was that there was physical fist fighting scenes and gun shooting scenes. There had been movies that should have more physical fist fighting scenes but somehow went for guns instead. I’m not a violent person, nor for violence, but movies with good fighting scenes in this kind of zombie filled movies are always appreciated!

Lastly, there was a part where I actually jumped. I don’t really jump, especially when watch zombie movies. I don’t jump easily watching horror films, so I was surprised when I jumped. It was kinda funny too that I jumped. Because I jumped, I liked the movie even more. ^__^

Overall: 9/10 for a recreational movie. I really like the storyline, the characters, and how it unfolded. It was little predictable, as with all zombie movies. I recommend it. I can’t wait for a Resident Evil movie series to be out. I definitely plan on getting that set. I would totally love Resident Evil to become a tv show. Then I would have Walking dead and Resident Evil tv shows to watch!!!! <3<3<3

Everything Happens For a Reason

It’s a very cliche quote that I hear often. I even use it without really thinking about it. Its a quote that I use to brush off things that don’t go my way. It wasn’t until recently, did I really take the time to really look, read, and think about the quote.  Why do I feel like this? Why don’t I ever say things that I hold in? Why do I fear? What do I have to fear? What do I have to lose? Why do things happen for a reasons? What is the reason I am in the situation that I find myself in? How do these things happen? Why do I feel like it’s a never ending loop? How do I make sense of what is going on? How do move on forward with the things that are happening to me?

Maybe I’m sad because I didn’t get to sleep early enough…and maybe I didn’t get to sleep early because I was supposed to publish this useless post? X D

Kim Shin had a sword in his chest so that he could meet the girl that would be his fated one? Or so he could find his sister again? Or so he could protect the selfish young king? Doesn’t matter, Kim Shin had a sword in his chest for a reason. Reference from popular K-drama Goblin: the Lonely and Great God. It’s a pretty good kdrama. I cried—-actually I was cutting green onions while watching an episode. X D X D X D

I didn’t think this quote would be so meaningful to me at this point in my life. X D X D I’m certainly budding–like a plant…getting taller and budding slowly into the cactus that I’m supposed to be!! X D X D


“What is she like?
          I was told-
         She is a melancholy soul.
                    -The Wanderer-“

I spent my  morning with Lang leav while taking my tea.Towards the end of 2016, I started to look up Lang leav. She’s a poet and has four poetry books out. Some of her poems are very short and some are longer. The above is the first verse of the poem titled “The wanderer”.  My goal is to get my hands on these after I read the other books I plan on reading. I like her poems. The ones that are posted/shared on facebook and the ones all over the internet. Sometimes they express my feelings better than I do. Relationship goals: buy him a book because you suck at expressing yourself. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Reading her poems makes me wanna write too. Poetry…maybe schemes….maybe stories…

Look it up or go buy her book for your own enjoyment! I know I will when I finish the books I plan to read for 2017. A book lover always adds to her never-ending list of books to read.  Her official website is Lang Leav.

Anyways, I wrote a poem. Free verse, very simple and I just wrote right now.  Read it and interpret it however you want. There is no right or wrong—in my poetry writing days, back in high school I wrote a piece about losing a love one in an accident. One of the readers, asked me if it was about losing one’s virginity. Pretty interesting because poetry has many interpretations. Anyways, this post was to talk about Lang Leav and her awesome poetry, not interpretations.

“Fleeting moment”
Eyes meet,
Hearts aligned,
A beautiful dream
-In a fleeting moment

Year 2017

This morning, I woke up and was very bored. I usually go on facebook when I wake up. I wanna know what happened to all my facebook friends while I was in Neverland. I did not go to facebook. I lay in bed, reminded myself that I don’t have facebook.  I was still bored–the last time I was bored was…a long long long time ago when facebook didn’t exist. So instead of lying in bed, I got up and cleaned the kitchen.

365 days without facebook means that I should probably make a list of the things I could do that isn’t facebook. I’m going to try and get back to the things that I used to do. Before facebook, there was books, books, books, and more books! I have  a ton of books that I have not read yet and some that I want to re-read again. I have crafts that I want to do but don’t have time. It’s always time…I don’t EVER have time to anything other than work, school, and apparently facebook. One day this year, I should talk about TIME. I really should and I will, but not right now. Right now, I’m going to list a a few things that I plan to do since I’m not going on facebook.

Nineteen Minutes
Gone Girl
7 habits of Highly Effective People
The Fault in Our Stars

Cross off some movies from my bucket lists
Learn to crochet
Start writing again

Things I want to try:
Rock climbing
Paintball–not with zombies, with teams

Day 1

Why Facebook?

I like facebook now better than when I first started. They have live videos, sharing posts, they have life changing events—that I will probably never use. They have news, event invites, mutual friend suggestions, likes, emoticons on status. Facebook asks me how my day is, tells me the weather, and always wants me to check in on where I am. I don’t check in, because I don’t want to. I like facebook, but I think I need to give facebook a pause.

I go there when I have to study for exam, when I’m on break, when something has caught my interest and I wanna be in the loop for that topic. I go when I”m sad, when I can’t sleep and when I’m happy. The first thing I do when I’m sad is distract myself with facebook and all the positive posts and shares. I used to read novels, now I read statuses. I used to write stories and papers, now I write brags and quotes. I’m very distracted.

New Year, New Me…..

Day 1—is my cheat day. I didn’t realize how many different apps I used facebook to sign in on. I’m trying to unlink them all, however, I’ve decided that if I unlink them from facebook, I’m still going to use them. I already signed out of facebook, turn off that setting that allows me to use facebook as a sign in. Hopefully that solves it.

FYI—I’m not gonna post everyday for the next 365 days—I don’t have time for that.

so I have #365dayswithoutfacebook. Let’s see if I’m just lazy and facebook hungry or facebook has become the ultimate distraction.