Day 1

Why Facebook?

I like facebook now better than when I first started. They have live videos, sharing posts, they have life changing events—that I will probably never use. They have news, event invites, mutual friend suggestions, likes, emoticons on status. Facebook asks me how my day is, tells me the weather, and always wants me to check in on where I am. I don’t check in, because I don’t want to. I like facebook, but I think I need to give facebook a pause.

I go there when I have to study for exam, when I’m on break, when something has caught my interest and I wanna be in the loop for that topic. I go when I”m sad, when I can’t sleep and when I’m happy. The first thing I do when I’m sad is distract myself with facebook and all the positive posts and shares. I used to read novels, now I read statuses. I used to write stories and papers, now I write brags and quotes. I’m very distracted.

New Year, New Me…..

Day 1—is my cheat day. I didn’t realize how many different apps I used facebook to sign in on. I’m trying to unlink them all, however, I’ve decided that if I unlink them from facebook, I’m still going to use them. I already signed out of facebook, turn off that setting that allows me to use facebook as a sign in. Hopefully that solves it.

FYI—I’m not gonna post everyday for the next 365 days—I don’t have time for that.

so I have #365dayswithoutfacebook. Let’s see if I’m just lazy and facebook hungry or facebook has become the ultimate distraction.


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