“What is she like?
          I was told-
         She is a melancholy soul.
                    -The Wanderer-“

I spent my  morning with Lang leav while taking my tea.Towards the end of 2016, I started to look up Lang leav. She’s a poet and has four poetry books out. Some of her poems are very short and some are longer. The above is the first verse of the poem titled “The wanderer”.  My goal is to get my hands on these after I read the other books I plan on reading. I like her poems. The ones that are posted/shared on facebook and the ones all over the internet. Sometimes they express my feelings better than I do. Relationship goals: buy him a book because you suck at expressing yourself. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Reading her poems makes me wanna write too. Poetry…maybe schemes….maybe stories…

Look it up or go buy her book for your own enjoyment! I know I will when I finish the books I plan to read for 2017. A book lover always adds to her never-ending list of books to read.  Her official website is Lang Leav.

Anyways, I wrote a poem. Free verse, very simple and I just wrote right now.  Read it and interpret it however you want. There is no right or wrong—in my poetry writing days, back in high school I wrote a piece about losing a love one in an accident. One of the readers, asked me if it was about losing one’s virginity. Pretty interesting because poetry has many interpretations. Anyways, this post was to talk about Lang Leav and her awesome poetry, not interpretations.

“Fleeting moment”
Eyes meet,
Hearts aligned,
A beautiful dream
-In a fleeting moment

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