This weekend, I saw Resident Evil: Final chapter!! It was a lot better than I thought. There are movies with awesome AF movie trailers that gets your heart pumping as you watch the trailer. Then there are trailers that show people’s eyes and face expression. And then there are trailers that are okay. I was hooked from the first book, so good trailer or facial expression trailer, I was still planning to see it. The trailer wasn’t disappointing (^__-) All scenes in the trailer was in the movie! SPOILER* I get a little disappointed some times when I see great scenes in trailers and they don’t appear in the actual movie.

I think that if you’re a fan of the Resident Evil series, then the movie may be predictable to you. Assuming that you didn’t read the book series—in case it ends like the book series. I started out reading the series, but never finished the series. Anyways, at the beginning, if you’re like me, you would already have predicted what the outcome of the movie would be and who is who. My prediction was on point. Message me if you want me to spoil it or you want to talk about it! I would totally love to spoil it—as I’m pretty awesome at spoiling movies and such. Just don’t ask me if you haven’t seen it…because if I’m really into the movie, it has zombies and I already saw it I will be very excited to talk about it. I will spoil it for you without asking you first if you saw the movie or not. If you haven’t seen the movie, then just don’t ask me about anything to do with the movie or I’m not responsible for what I spoil. XD

The Guest Star: Lee Joon Ki—if you don’t know him, ask google. No Korean guy pics here except for my two man (Hyun Bin & Park Bo Bum). I was so surprised to see Lee Joon Ki in the movie. I don’t recall seeing him in the trailer. It took me a couple scenes, to realize that it was him. Guess I’m not a true fan, I just went on youtube to watch the 7 min trailer of Resident Evil: Final Chapter and he is there.  His English was pretty good, better than what I expected.  I wish he had a bigger role. He was an Umbrella Corp Commander Lee. He fought with Milla using the typical Asian kicking fighting style.  I wish he used more fists, not just the typical kicks. I know he can fight, seen it many times in his dramas. I always make fun of him, but I won’t say it here. Ask me in person someday.

The Storyline: The movie summed up pretty well the series, if you weren’t a fan and only when because you were dragged into it…But who drags anyone to Zombie fighting movies??? NO ONE!! Just kidding, I’m pretty sure there are anti-zombie fans out there. The beginning summarized everything pretty well. The movie was pretty fast pace, action packed one after another. I really like how they bring bits and pieces from each Resident Evil movie into this one. As I said at the beginning of this post, if you’re a fan, you already made predictions and the best feeling out there is when you’re right on! I was, so to me, it was predictable- storyline. How the movie carried itself onto my prediction was pretty good. Look for the signs and I’m sure you will come to the same prediction.

One thing I didn’t like and I feel that a lot of movies tend to end this way too, is how the villains are defeated. You have this one very strong villain that always manages to survive no matter how many bombs you throw at him, how many times you toss him in the zombie pit, how many times he was supposed to have died, he always rises. And then you have the main character who always gets her butt killed by mutant animal zombies and giant mutant zombies. Maybe she even gets her fingers or head chopped off in previous movies or so—always almost gonna die but manages to defeat the villain once and for all. Anyways, I personally think how the villains ended was too easy for the fight they put up from movies 1-10 (just kidding…not 10). Not just for this movie, but also many movies out there. Why can’t they be like roleplay games where you don’t cheat so you use up all your potions, elixirs and items before you finally finish off the last of the villain’s hp tank?

One of the things I really, really appreciated in this movie was that there was physical fist fighting scenes and gun shooting scenes. There had been movies that should have more physical fist fighting scenes but somehow went for guns instead. I’m not a violent person, nor for violence, but movies with good fighting scenes in this kind of zombie filled movies are always appreciated!

Lastly, there was a part where I actually jumped. I don’t really jump, especially when watch zombie movies. I don’t jump easily watching horror films, so I was surprised when I jumped. It was kinda funny too that I jumped. Because I jumped, I liked the movie even more. ^__^

Overall: 9/10 for a recreational movie. I really like the storyline, the characters, and how it unfolded. It was little predictable, as with all zombie movies. I recommend it. I can’t wait for a Resident Evil movie series to be out. I definitely plan on getting that set. I would totally love Resident Evil to become a tv show. Then I would have Walking dead and Resident Evil tv shows to watch!!!! <3<3<3


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