I was given this gift from a friend so that we can play the game together. Animal Crossing: New Leaf is a Ds game where you are Mayor of your town. As the mayor, you expand your town, help the citizens in your town, and provide for the town. The mayor, you, is the only human inhabiting the town. Your citizens are animals. My first impression of the game—it’s weird, I’m living with animals. I’m a bad mayor. I usually play games along the lines of Final Fantasy. Some thing happens, everyone goes on a trip, they fight and save the world type of games.Took me a while to get use to Animal Crossing but once  I got used to the game though I couldn’t put the game down. SERIOUSLY, I spent my winter break working and playing Animal Crossing.

The citizens are hilarious too! I have a crazy gym guy (actually a bird)—who always talks about working out. A rooster who whines all the time about everything in my town. (^__^) A frog who calls me “Ladybro”. Very interesting animals with interesting, real life attitudes.



Feb. 14th: St. Valentines

Looking forward to those valentine candies when they go on sale the day after Valentines! My Motto: Get fat or Die Trying!! Just Kidding. Valentine’s day is seen as a couples day. I wish people would see it as a love kind of day. One where you don’t need to have a relationship to celebrate it! It’s probably better to spend it with yourself than with someone just because of the idea of Valentine’s day. Instead of trying to find someone to celebrate this day with, why not plan something with people you care about? Or even a “love yourself” day? Love should be celebrated everyday….why do you have to wait for a certain day of the year to celebrate love? But it shouldn’t be a couples’ thing only. The history behind Valentines is quite actually not that sweet or romantic anyways.

The shortest version I would go with is the one where a priest named  Valentine was killed for disobeying his King. His king banned marriage, but he was still performing marriage rites. So off with his head. There are two other stories, but I’m bias (actually just lazy) so I’m just going to sum this one.

Pretty interesting how some of the most horrific actions are turned around. While it is interesting, it shouldn’t be that surprising. Another example, Grimm’s fairy tales are kinda dark too.  The most well known versions have happy endings but the originals are pretty dark, just saying. No spoiler—don’t worry! Go read them. Read a book!

I plan to celebrate Valentines with myself, make a martyr out of myself to reenact one of the actual story behind St. Valentines. Off with my Head! I plan to celebrate Valentine’s day as  a “singles” day. I’m going to promote my awesome single life. Happy early Valentine’s day! Maybe I’ll write another fail poem too. ^___^